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INUF was founded by congressional candidates, climate activists, and concerned Hoosiers.

Meet us here.


Jennifer Christie,


Jennifer is a scientist and leader with almost 30 years of experience working in pharmaceuticals and environmental chemistry. She has managed teams and projects both locally and internationally for both profit and nonprofit organizations. Jennifer holds degrees in Chemistry, Biology, and a master's in process improvement leadership. She currently teaches science and math and is a mother of four children. She is passionately dedicated to solving the climate crisis and biodiversity by preserving wild places and wildlife for future generations

Kevin Patterson,


Kevin brings over two decades of leadership experience in nonprofit organizational fundraising, securing over $10 million in donations and capital campaigns. He has led and grown arts organizations in Alaska, Indiana, and around the nation, particularly in the performing arts, where he built strong donor cases. Kevin is skilled with financial systems and goal setting. He is currently an executive at a leading fundraising software company.

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Ethan Stoehr,

Vice Chair

Ethan is a senior in high school and has been involved in climate action for over two years when he started biking the 18 miles to the Indiana Statehouse to push for action on climate change his freshman year. His concerns are environmental preservation, climate change, and the possibilities that fighting climate change brings with it. For this, Ethan was awarded the Brilliant Firefly Award from Indiana's Lieutenant Governor after being nominated by a state senator. Not only has he organized multiple events for climate action, but he is also an active member of his community for other issues. This summer, Ethan was a leader for the inaugural youth-led Carmel Pride.

Beth Sprunger,


Beth, a wife and mother of three, has lived her entire life in Indiana. Her family loves to explore nature and spends many weekends hiking parks throughout the state. They have turned their suburban backyard into a flourishing native habitat. Beth has a master’s degree in communications from Ball State University. She has been active in many political campaigns and spent the last several years advocating for various causes at the Indiana Statehouse. She has served in leadership roles for advocacy groups both locally and nationally. 

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Joe Quigley, Communications

Joe is a husband and father of four. He is a US Air Force veteran and IT professional. Joe regularly volunteers in his community and manages several nonprofit media sites. He is motivated by doing good in the world and joined INUF to give a voice to our environment in politics.

Ron Rhoads,

Compliance Chair

Ron is a retired quality professional with decades of experience as a Quality Assurance officer, focusing on governmental and industrial best practices and compliance guidelines. Ron is a leader in the community on the issue of climate change and regularly discusses the issue with elected officials, candidates, and voters.

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Brad Blackman,

Finance Chair

Brad has had a life-long career in the energy field and has managed the development of a comprehensive set of energy efficiency programs with significant impact. With engineering and MBA degrees, Brad is also a green technology advocate and climate change policy expert. He is an electric vehicle owner and promoter, as well as a past board member, newsletter editor, and volunteer for a Rails to Trails non-profit organization.

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Amanda Shepherd

Amanda is a nonprofit leader and Geologist who has dedicated her career to environmental causes. She is a mother of three and focuses on the issue of climate justice and how it affects future generations and communities. She is a Climate Reality leader and has worked for several state-wide and national environmental organizations.

Donnell Duncan

Don, a native of Indianapolis, has directed and managed nonprofit and for-profit organizations in Indiana, the District of Columbia, and Alberta, Canada. He is a results-oriented young professional with broad leadership experience in highly competitive IT, language translation, and education industries. He participated in Students as Mentors and Owners of Geoscience and Environmental Education at IUPUI and has a proven track record of leading and managing multi-state and international programs and projects. Don’s specialty is in launching new programs and projects from concept to rollout and building organizations from the ground up.


Lynn Jenkins

From being an organic wildlife gardener to having solar panels on her home, Lynn has always tried to step softly on the Earth. In 2007, she founded and published Indiana Living Green, called “a Hoosier’s guide to sustainable living.” Although the Great Recession put limits on the magazine, it did not stop her enthusiasm for conservation and the environment. She is a recipient of Environmentalist of the Year from Hoosier Environmental Council, and the Theodore Roosevelt Award from Indiana Wildlife Federation. Her environmental champions include Aldo Leopold, Al Gore, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Greta Thunberg.

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Ari Hodes

Ari, whose goal is to design electric vehicles, is a 2012 mechanical engineering graduate from Purdue University. His concern with climate change began as a kid when learning about greenhouse gas effects. It also includes experiencing Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and having family impacted by Hurricane Sandy in New York. Ari volunteers with several environmental and political organizations as well as Habitat for Humanity. He is active in outdoor sports and enjoys reading, puzzles, crafts, and learning other languages.

Matthew Hook

Matthew is a financial professional and CPA who has degrees from Indiana University and Robert H. McKinney School of Law. He has served as a leader and advocate for adoption in Indiana as well as clean energy. He has championed the financial case for clean energy in our state by running for office on this platform.

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Mahogani Johnson

Mahogani Johnson is an Indiana native and Kelley School of Business Alumni. She is motivated to spread awareness and live an effortlessly eco lifestyle. She has found a place to advocate for Mother Earth through her social influence, Eco Recycling campaign and past title of Miss Indiana Earth.

Jeff Stant

Since 1978, Jeff has dedicated his time and career to protecting and preserving Indiana's wild lands and nature.  From the Hoosier National Forest to state and urban forests, Jeff has been a champion for native woodlands conservation and policies. 

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Rahul Durai


Rahul is a high school student from West Lafayette who has dedicated his time and energy to advocating for statewide climate action. In September of 2020, he and his peers founded Confront the Climate Crisis, a coalition of hundreds of young Hoosiers who are championing climate solutions for Indiana. As the coalition's Operations Director, he has engaged youth from across Indiana to lobby state legislators on climate change, and in the 2022 Legislative Session, he was the architect of Senator Ron Alting's bill to create a statewide climate task force (SB 255). Due to his advocacy, Rahul has been awarded the Sierra Club's Emerging Changemaker Award and the Lieutenant Governor's Brilliant Firefly Award.

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